Excel Chemicals Limited
To place orders and conduct retail audits in Kenya
Excel Chemicals uses Uwanjani to map retail outlets and plan their routes. Also to conduct retail audits, place orders and view performance in real time.

Excel Chemicals manufactures and distribute powders, juices, water, fruit drinks and pens.

To automate a dairy supply chain in Tanzania
Asas Dairies used Uwanjani to track distribution of their products from their factory in Iringa to consumers in other regions in Tanzania.

Asas manufactures and distribute milk products including fresh milk, yoghurts and ghee.

Social Bites
To manage stock movement and vendor sales
Social Bites uses Uwanjani to sell, order, issue, return or transfer stock. Also to conduct physical stock count, view their stock levels and vendor sales.

Social Bites manufactures and distribute flavoured milk pops in Kenya.

Ledrop Nigeria
To distribute wines and spirits in Nigeria
Ledrop Nigeria uses Uwanjani to distribute wines and spirits across various outlets in the country.

Ledrop Nigeria imports and supply wine and spirits such as champagne and cognac.

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