Map and connect with your customers

Uwanjani allows you to understand who your customers are, where they are and which ones you need to visit. Also, to explore the most cost-efficient way to reach them.

Schedule production based on demand

Uwanjani lets you plan your production based on real time sales and orders.
You can also update pricing and run promotions using timely and accurate data.

Reduce shortages and stock-outs

Uwanjani helps you control your inventory levels based on real time stock updates. You can set reorder levels to receive alerts to allow for on-time production and delivery.

Plan, optimize and track your field visits

Use GPS stamped data to plan your sales routes and track visits to ensure you visit every customer. Measure productivity of your sales team based on sales versus time spent on each visit.

Organised data for effective decision making

Uwanjani allows you quick access to accurate and timely market insights and reports.
See where your team is, their customer visits, audits, orders and sales, all from your phone.

Share information and collaborate in real time

Uwanjani allows you to send and receive messages from your team. You can also update your digital product catalog, promotions and price list in real time.

Trailblazers are succeeding with Uwanjani

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